Is Diabetes In Men Different From Women's?

Men's bodies aren't the same as women's bodies. There are different diabetes risk factors, and possible signs, that one has to take into account.

Diabetes In Males

Perhaps you have already read our article on children and diabetes, which deals with the fact that even children can be affected by this condition. We now want to focus on diabetes in men. There are some differences between male diabetes and the female version. This has to do with the different lifestyles that men and women have, although the differences are becoming ever smaller as the years pass.


Research on males affected by diabetes has shown that they have an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. There are also signs that impotence is another nasty effect of diabetes. The latter problem is much more widespread in men with diabetes than men without the condition. These days diabetes does not have to mean the end of all that is fun in life. With the help of medicine and professional advice (and a lot of discipline!) you will be able to live a fulfilling life. Please note that the drugs currently available merely suppress some of the effects of diabetes, they don't cure it. Making this differentiation is important. In general if you get diagnosed early on you will be able to slow the decline of your eye sight with the right medication.

In case you haven't seen our other pages, let's go over some possible symptoms of diabetes:

- Many people report fatigue as one symptom of diabetes.
- Sudden weight loss (no clear explanation why you are losing weight).
- Frequent visits to the bathroom to urinate (at night for example).
- Infections of the gums and skin (they can heal slowly).
- Craving for liquids (much more than you previously had).
- Skin that is patchy, itchy and dry.


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