Diabetes 2 Symptoms

We mentioned it before, but listen to your body! If something in your body isn't functioning properly it will tell you.

Symptoms Of Diabetes Type 2

We've receive emails about diabetes 2 symptoms every week. Many people are confused about the mixed signals their bodies are giving them. Diabetes 2 refers to the type of diabetes that can affect you. There are some differences between type 1 and 2, though many symptoms are similar - making it a bit harder to decide which type you have.

As you may have read on our other pages, diabetes in general can be caused by genetics, bad eating habits, a lack of exercise and other causes. Diabetes 2 symptoms can mainly be described by the following list, please note that this list is not a definite list and many other symptoms may indicate that you have diabetes type 2. These are the big signs.

- You can become a lot more thirsty. An almost insatiable desire to drink.

- Diabetes causes an excess of glucose in your urine. Your body eagerly wants to get rid of the glucose, which in turn forces you to the bathroom much more than usual. If your diet is the same and you suddenly have the urge to visit the bathroom a lot more than you used to, then your body might be telling you something.

- Fatigue. Glucose is something that allows you to generate energy for your body. When the processes that handle glucose transformation into energy become “corrupted” by diabetes you will have less energy to operate. This causes tiredness.

- Interestingly, diabetes can cause weight loss. As you know, diabetes can be caused by overweight.

- On the other hand it can also cause an increase in appetite. This sounds contradictory, and it is, however, you must remember that your body operates differently under the effects of diabetes.

- Nausea, or a general feeling of sickness is another diabetes 2 symptom, as well as a general diabetes symptom. The lack of energy flowing to your body is affecting your organs.


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