How Are Diabetes And Obesity Related?

There is no doubt that obesity and diabetes are intimately linked. We are currently going through an obesity epidemic, and diabetes is becoming more common.

Exercise! Eat Healthy!

This is an introduction to diabetes and health issues linked to it, such as obesity and poor dieting and a lack of exercise. This is basic information that you must know. Why must you know? Perhaps because you suffer from diabetes yourself, or you will one day - or a family member or friend needs your help in the future. Diabetes is known to be one of the most common diseases affecting humanity today. Especially richer countries have seen an increase in this illness. Our lifestyles are becoming less healthy as time passes.

With fast food being now common in all industrialised nations and many advanced developing nations (such as China) an increase in obesity seems unsurprising. Obesity has been scientifically linked to diabetes. People need to exercise more these days if they want to prevent obesity and perhaps diabetes. We must change our lifestyles and embrace healthier living. This means at least 4 exercise sessions of 30 minutes each per week, and walk more! Don't take the car when you need to buy something from a store 5 minutes away. Walk! Fighting both obesity and diabetes takes effort and it's a societal change that needs to be made.

Don't underestimate just how common diabetes is. We are talking millions of people here, and for some it's a life-threatening disease. Diabetes must be treated in a timely manner. With good treatment comes the possibility of a rewarding life. Regular check-ups at your doctor's practice will help monitor your situation.


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Diabetes And Obesity

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