What increases my chances of getting diabetes?

There are several factors that increase the risk of you becoming diabetic. A lack of exercise is one important factor.

There are different types of diabetes

The most commonly known types of diabetes are type 1 and 2. Type 1 occurs when the cells in the pancreas, that produce insulin in your body, are terminated. It is still not known why these cells get destroyed. Some scientists believe an infection or virus could have triggered these cells to get destroyed. Whites over 40, blacks and Asians over 25 years old are at risk if the following factors apply to your situation:

- You are overweight.

- A closely-related member of your family has type 2
diabetes. For example, your sister or brother.

- You suffer from high blood pressure, have had
a stroke or heart attack in your past.

- You have general severe mental health problems.

There are more risk factors, your GP will gladly tell you about them. So do call him/her! There is one rule : the more risk factors are applicable to your situation, the greater is your chance of having or developing diabetes.

Age-related Diabetes

It is true that the older you get the higher the chance you develop diabetes. This is mostly true for other illnesses as well. Again, the risk is higher if you are over 40 years old, or over 25 if you are black or Asian. The older you get the longer it takes for your body to heal and recover from health problems. It is therefore of GREAT importance that you eat healthy and get enough physical exercise!

Keep your body in excellent shape!


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Diabetes And Obesity

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Ethnicity And Family

There are some major differences between various races. African and (mostly South-) Asian people have a 5 times higher chance of developing diabetes than white people. There are several reasons for this, including social reasons. We will not cover those on this page. Please use a search engine for further information regarding ethnicity-related diabetes risks. Again, if Diabetes is common in your family you are at a much higher risk of also becoming affected by it. The closer the family member to you, the higher the risk.

Problems with weight

Besides heart disease, breathing problems, and a whole range of other issues - weight problems are connected to diabetes. A study in the UK found that about 80 percent of diabetes patients were having weight problems. To determine overweight you can ask your doctor or take one of the BMI tests that are available online. Type 2 diabetes is common among overweight people.

Other risks

Pregnant woman can be affected by a temporary form of Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes. Although this usually goes way rather quickly, it can increase the risk of developing full-blown Diabetes at a later time. Another pregnancy-related risk is giving birth to a large baby. Sadly, these are risks one can do little against.

There is some good news, a recent CDC study has indicated that there is more care for Diabetes now than 10 years ago. We aren't there yet though!


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