What are symptoms of diabetes that I need to look out for?

It's not always easy to diagnose diabetes. So let's look at some well-known, established, symptoms.

Early detection is very important

Most of the time diabetes is not being diagnosed because the initial symptoms are not considered to be very harmful. This is a problem because early detection will give you a much greater chance of slowing down the harmful effects at a later stage. New techniques in the future should assist in diagnosing diabetes much quicker. But for now it's not an easy task for yourself and the medical professionals helping you with your problems. This page takes a closer look at the various diabetes symptoms.

Well-known symptoms

Here is a small list of possible signs of diabetes. We need to stress that having any or more of these symptoms does NOT mean you have diabetes. They can merely be considered guidelines. However, when you have more than one of these symptoms your doctor should do a thorough investigation to determine the cause.

Blurry vision

Frequent urination

Extreme hunger

Extreme thirst

Unusual weight loss

Increased fatigue

Easily irritated

Again, if you have 2 or more of these symptoms then there is a chance you have diabetes. We suggest you visit your doctor and clearly describe the problems you are having!


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More symptoms

Extreme Hunger

We would like to explain this symptom in a bit more detail. Diabetics can not optimally use glucose as an energy source. This causes the feeling of hunger, as quite a large part of the glucose is being filtered out as it's not being absorbed by your cells as "human fuel". It then ends up in your urine. The interesting part is that the "lost" fuel takes water with it and in turn causes you to have an extreme feeling of thirst, as water is leaving your body at an unusual, abnormal frequency. Frequent runs to the toilet are the result.

Additional symptoms

Another possible symptom related to diabetes is erectile dysfunction. This is due to the fact that diabetes affects the blood flow.

Type 2 diabetes is harder to detect, only when some of the harsher symptoms appear is it being noticed.

Did you know that over 1 million new cases of diabetes a year are diagnosed in the United States alone? Future technologies should make detection a lot more easier and accurate. Experts are suggesting that people over 45 should be tested frequently for diabetes.


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