Detection of early symptoms of diabetes helps manage condition

Take good care of your body, and listen to it carefully. It is very important to detect diabetes as early as humanly possible.

Listen to your body, don't ignore what it is telling you!

Diabetes is very common in the developed world. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation and complete ignorance about the condition. In the US 25% of the population are thought to be affected by either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. A staggering percentage! As with other illnesses your body will attempt to “notify” you of a problem it is experiencing. It is very important to be alert for early symptoms of diabetes, it can seriously affect your well-being! Diabetes is not normally a deadly decease, however, ignoring it would be, frankly, stupid. The quality of your life can be maintained if proper measures are taken to decrease the effects of diabetes.

People some times ignore early symptoms of diabetes because they appear to be minor and non-threatening. But do remember that these “minor warnings” are to be taken serious. If untreated they will pile up and become a big problem, and no longer impossible to ignore. You may be living an unhealthy life that needs to be changed for the fight against diabetes to be effective. The people we have spoken to all agreed that it was quite hard to get rid off bad habits, but were thankful they DID take action - because their lives would have been much worse if they hadn't.

One of the most well known early symptoms of diabetes is a decrease in weight. Weight and diabetes are intrinsically linked. Noticing a decrease in weight while you are still eating as much as you were is a strong warning from your body that something is wrong! Extreme hunger and thirstiness are both signs as well. An unhealthy craving for food or drinks is one of the early symptoms of diabetes. Another symptom is you having to run to the toilet every 30 minutes.


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Feeling tired

Fatigue is associated with many different conditions, including diabetes. If you are unable to perform your daily tasks due to fatigue, and you cannot blame it on stress or just an increase in work, then there may be something wrong with your energy levels. This is usually in combination with mood swings. You are easily offended and irritated by your family/friends.

Last but definitely not least, are eye sight problems. Research has shown that in most diabetes patients there is a decrease in eye sight. Blurred vision is a common problem. Without treatment. severe forms of diabetes have even resulted in blindness.

If these early symptoms of diabetes are still not enough to get you to your doctor for a check-up, then we're afraid nothing will. Even if you are fine, a visit to the doctor will do you no harm.


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